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W elcome to KREO, a leadership training company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Since year 2000 the compay has been training people from schools, businesses and public sector in innovation leadership. By holding lecturses and having a close collaboration with universities KREO make sure to always offer you as a client the latest knowledge available. At the moment the most growing areas for KREO is to train teachers in entrepreneurial learning and managers from businesses in innovation leadership. Innovation leadership program for young people outside labor market, is at the moment very popular to buy for public sector.
The heart in the innovation leadership programs is the KREO-innovation process model. As a participant you will learn about innovation and get practical tools, process and mindset on how to develop innovative concepts in schools, business, society or public sector.  Our clients experience KREO training programs as practical, simple to understand, time efficiant, sustainable and fun. Want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact me or someone else of the consultants working at KREO.
Our vision is to help more people in business, public sector, school and society to grow their capacity to innovate.
The mission is to train many people all over the world in leadership for innovation.
Our philosify
Our philosify is that we love, we create and we inspire.
Our Commitments
  • KREO consultants love to see leaders build capacity to innovate
  • KREO create together with researchers and our clients practical tools, processes and mindset for innovation
  • KREO inspire people to become future leaders for innovation


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Our Happy Clients

Our Team

  • Torbjörn Johansson
    Torbjörn JohanssonWorkshops & InspirationTorbjörn have a masters degree in Innovation & Design and help companies to look into the future by using trendspotting tools. Contact Torbjörn at: torbjorn@kreo.org
  • Frida Birkelöf
    Frida BirkelöfInspiration & WorkshopsFrida is a creative talent working with young people and helping them to develop their ideas into businesses. Contact Frida at: frida@said.se
  • Annika Löfgren
    Annika LöfgrenMD & FounderAnnika has got an university degree in Innovation management and has together with her team trained more than 3000 people in innovation leadership and how to create innovative business concepts. Contact Annika at: annika@kreo.org
  • Aster Sagai
    Aster SagaiMulticultural CommunicationIn my studies on an MBA level, I have applied time management, organizational and analytical abilities to make targets and solve problems. I have worked as Travel Sales Agent in London for over ten years, which has provided my career with successful and solid sales experience from all levels. contact: aster@kreo.se
  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed AhmedWorkshops & InspirationContact Details: mohamed@kreo.org
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